At Wallaroo Primary School we offer an array of engaging Specialist Subjects:


Our STEM program ignites curiosity, fosters creativity, and inspires innovation! Our STEM curriculum integrates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to provide students with hands-on, inquiry-based learning experiences. From exploring the wonders of the natural world to coding robots and designing engineering solutions, our students engage in collaborative projects that develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.


Physical Education

We prioritise the holistic development of our students through movement, play, and sportsmanship. Our PE curriculum is designed to promote fundamental motor skills, physical fitness, teamwork, and healthy living habits. Our Senior students have the opportunity to participate in a range of interschool sports where they can experience playing new sports in a friendly non-competitive environment.


Visual Arts

Our enriching Visual Arts program provides students with a diverse range of mediums and techniques, enabling students to explore their artistic talents and express their unique perspectives. From painting and drawing to sculpture and digital art, our students unleash their creativity and develop essential skills in observation, problem-solving, and self-expression.


Performing Arts

We have a vibrant and diverse performing arts culture. In our performing arts sessions, students dive into the world of creativity and expression whilst exploring a wide range of tuned and untuned instruments. Our music department boasts an array of resources, including keyboards, guitars, ukuleles, and percussion instruments, providing students with enriching opportunities to explore and create music.


LOTE: Indonesian

All students have the opportunity to learn the Indonesian language. At Wallaroo, we strive to provide an authentic and meaningful language learning experiences, whilst engaging in the Indonesian culture.