Our School curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum and student
assessment is completed against the Victorian priorities and standards. As part of the Department of Education and Training (DET) guidelines, we have a four year School Strategic Plan that outlines our priorities and shows in which direction our school is headed within this time frame. Parents are invited to ask at the office for a copy of the School Strategic Plan or Annual Implementation Plan or view a copy on our website at

Wallaroo Primary School has adopted Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI), a research-based approach that emphasises clear, structured lessons. Teachers provide clear explanations, modelling, and frequent feedback to students. Engagement norms, known as TAPPLE, ensure active student participation every minute of the lesson. EDI is proven effective in teaching literacy skills such as reading, writing, and spelling, with key features including modelling, guidance, practise, and feedback. Students engage with the material through various activities such as discussion, reading aloud, and pair-sharing, promoting meaningful interaction and learning.