RTI Model – Response to Intervention in Literacy

At Wallaroo Primary School, we have adopted the Response to Intervention (RTI) model, a multi-tiered framework designed for the early identification and support of students with both learning and behavioural needs.

Our highly successful Literacy Tier 2 intervention program revolves around the Little Learners Love Literacy program, an explicit, systematic, and sequential approach to literacy education. This program instils confidence in our students as they learn to read, write, and spell with proficiency.


Tier 1: Whole Class – High quality core instruction
All students at Wallaroo receive strong evidence and research-based curriculum and methods, ensuring all students are given equal opportunity to learn and thrive.

Tier 2: Small Group -Targeted Interventions
Students needing supplemental evidence-based targeted Literacy interventions are given the opportunity to participate in 3 20-minute intensive and highly successful Literacy support sessions a week to ensure they make progress.

Tier 3: One-on-one – Intensive Intervention
Evidence-based intensive targeted interventions for students whose needs are not being met by Tier 1 or 2.