Buddies Program

Our Wallaroo Buddies Program is a key feature that sits within our Transition Program. It provides both our Foundation students and Year 5/6 students with an opportunity to experience being part of the buddies program in two different ways.

Foundation students benefit from having a Year 5/6 buddy to look out for them, work with them and make them feel comfortable in their first year at Wallaroo. Senior aged students benefit by developing mentoring and early leadership skills.

Buddies meet regularly throughout the year to complete fun activities together. These activities include Literacy, Mathematics, Sport and School Values based games and craft. The program has an extremely positive impact on both our Foundation and Year 5/6 students.

Benefits of our Buddies Program include:

– Foundation students have a positive peer role model within the school

Foundation students have someone to go to and connect with in the playground

– Foundation and Year 5/6 students develop new and positive relationships

– Year 5/6 students develop a greater sense of responsibility and leadership skills

– Year 5/6 students have the opportunity to share and instil our school values with others