Positive Behaviours for Learning

At Wallaroo Primary School we strive to provide an inclusive, supportive and safe learning environment by encouraging all students to care for themselves, others, their learning and our school.

We promote Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL) by introducing, modelling and reinforcing that positive social behaviours are important components of a student’s educational experience.

PBL at Wallaroo is used to promote and maintain a reliable and controlled approach to behaviour management and is aligned with the School Wide Positive Behaviours Support framework.

Like with academic skills, social skills must be regularly taught, practised and acknowledged to ensure mastery and sustained use. PBL at Wallaroo promotes a proactive approach to behaviour management through teaching behavioural expectations and rewarding students for following them, rather than waiting for errors to occur before responding. This ensures a consistent approach to behaviour management with clearly defined expectations, which are developed and taught by school staff.

PBL aligns academic and behavioural systems to create an emphasis on explicitly teaching, monitoring and rewarding appropriate behaviour.

We are developing a behaviour matrix to teach our three values:
‘Be Safe’, ‘Be Respectful’ and ‘Be Your Best’.

Expected behaviours will be displayed around our school.

At Wallaroo, we have developed values tickets which are used to acknowledge appropriate behaviours. Values tickets then go into a draw where students can purchase items from our
Values Pop Up Shop. The values tickets are then placed in a container outside the office and
when it is filled, there is a whole school prize that is decided by the students.

Through PBL, we aim to create a calm and constructive school environment, improve student
social skills, decrease incidences of negative student behaviour, enhance positive relationships
and improve academic achievement.