At Wallaroo Primary School we use a range of evidence-based programs to support students in developing strong fundamental literacy skills including oral language and phonemic awareness. These programs are used both in the classroom and as part of intervention programs.

  • Heggerty
  • The Little Learners Love Literacy: A program for our Prep to year 2 students which focuses on explicit, systematic, and sequential literacy approach for teaching children to read, write and spell. At Wallaroo Primary School, we follow the Little Learners Love Literacy teaching sequence to ensure students build their Phonological Awareness in a systematic sequential manner.
  • Oral Language development through Story Champs

  • Macqlit: A structured literacy program designed to support students in years 3-6 in developing essential reading and spelling skills.
  • Writing Revolution: focuses on breaking down the writing process into clear, manageable steps, teaching students how to structure their writing effectively and express their ideas coherently.
  • Spelling Mastery – a whole school spelling program: Spelling Mastery focuses on teaching spelling rules, patterns, and strategies in a systematic and engaging manner. Students develop strong spelling skills through developing their phonemic, morphemic and a whole word knowledge.